Nettoyage collier d’ambre 9 Practical Tips to Rebuild Our Ties of Kinship This Ramadan collier femme-fermoirs bracelet homme-qxcwgi

9 Practical Tips to Rebuild Our Ties of Kinship This Ramadan Never has a religion bague femme infini or emphasized the bague femme bague argent triple anneau promo importance of maintaining the ties of kinship and building strong bonds with one’s relatives/family than the religion of Islam. With verses revealed on this topic, and many ahadith histoire d or bague femme or narrated about this virtue, it is ironic to see Muslims today far from this practice and not upholding their ties of kinship.With the breakdown of the traditional ‘big’ family structures and mass migration of Muslims from villages to bague femme christofle cities and various countries, we’ve lost touch with our relatives and our kin and unfortunately, by default, we’ve cut our ties of kinship.Ask yourself, how many of your parents’ brothers and sisters do you know very well What about their children What about your grandparents and their relativesWe must clarify that the ties of kinship meant here is not simply narrowed down to your immediate family members and a few uncles/aunts whom you commonly speak to, but anybody that is part of your family tree is considered a kith and kin that we must keep in touch with. Kith and Kin)”[Bukhari].So this Ramadan, let us resolve to resume our ties of kinship and overcome the many barriers we face when we want to tackle this issue. coque licorne samsung Also, remember the hadith of Prophet Muhammadin which he said:”Al Wasil is not the one luwellever interchangeable bijoux style national retro mode bracelet 18mm bouton pression bracelet breloque bijoux pour femmes cadeau who recompenses the bague femme or blanc bague argent apm monaco cdiscount good done to him by his relatives, but Al Wasil is the one who keeps good relations with those relatives who had severed bague argent bordeaux the bond of kinship with him”[Bukhari].Below is a practical action plan to implement this great virtue in your life:1. t shirt pokemon Find out who your relatives areThis is an obvious first step, but many people skip nouvelle bague femme it out of embarrassment of admitting that they don’t know all their relatives.2. Find out their contact detailsWhether it’s a phone number, an e mail address, Facebook profile, MSN messenger, Skype or Twitter ID! (trust me, you’ll be surprised!) Find out all your relatives’ contact details and update your address book accordingly. You’ll probably find it easier to get this information through your parents but you can also try with cousins, uncles and aunts.3. Get in touchIf your relatives are using any of the online taille normale bague femme social tools, get in touch with them online with a simple salam. masque licorne I’m sure they’ll be pleasantly bague femme en forme de couronne surprised to hear from you (who does not like to meet someone online they actually relate to!). If a good old phone call bague argent bijoux brigitte is the only way to get in touch with them and if you don’t know them very well, rather than making a cold phone call, start breaking the ice by sending them regular text messages to their mobile phones ending with your name and perhaps a “son main bague femme of so and so” or “daughter of so and so” so bague femme argent blanc they can recognize you. After a while, give them a call (either with your parents around to ease the introduction) or on your own bague femme nu and inquire about your ‘text messages’ bague femme 58 ;). There are lots of other ways of ‘breaking the ice’ this is just an example.4. Interview the gran georgette bague femme gransI’ll never forget an interview my sister had with my grandfather few years before he passed bague femme bicolore away. Just sit with them, ask them some questions and press record. No need to make it formal, just sit and listen.5. Visit/invite for iftarIf your relatives are in the same city, you should invite each other toiftar. If parents aren’t keen because of issues between relatives, try to do it amongst the ‘youngsters’ or the ‘cousins’. cartable licorne Then at the iftar you can discuss various ways to resolve family feuds and stay in touch with taille bague femme anglaise the family.6. Set up internet/video chatNext time you visit ‘back home’, the family village, or your grandparents house, take with you one of the latest electronic notebooks with a front facing video camera and Skype (they are relatively bague argent marcassites cheap and pretty robust). Find out how you can set up internet (ideally wireless) for your family there and teach them the comment savoir sa taille de bague femme simple steps of making Skype calls/video calls. Once they figure it out, forget long distance calls, Skype would be the next thing in the village!7. cover iphone 7 plus Spend charity/zakat on themUnfortunately, these days a lot of Muslims have forgotten about spendingcharity/zakaton their poor relatives and family members. I’m not sure if it’s embarrassment or ‘fear’ that the relative may start ‘relying’ on us bijoux bague femme pas cher for their well being or is it our laziness and over reliance on international charity organisations to deliver our Zakat and Sadaqah. Whatever it is, we have no excuse.

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